Sirens Call the Sailors


Historical fiction novel by Leah Angstman

“Imagine if The Scarlet Letter ... were awesome.” [1]

In Sixteen eighty-eight, death was brought by three W’s:


New England colonist Ruth Miner knew all too well what those auguries could bring.

Most of the developed world was at war. The Glorious Revolution and the uprising of Louis the Fourteenth put rifts between the English and French that spread all the way across the ocean to the budding Colonies of New England. The French and English War in Europe gave rise to the Nine Years War, causing unrest, economic crisis, export disputes, and the breakout of King William’s War among the respective settlements of New England and New France on Colonial soil.

Orphaned as a child by a tragic fire, Ruth was left to nurse an ailing grandmother and her own independent spirit through the Middle Colonies’ harsh winters and the onslaught of war. Accused of witchcraft for years for the fire the townspeople believed she caused, Ruth must finally venture out on her own when her last safety net breaks, leaving her at the mercy of an unforgiving social order. She steals away, armed with little more than pride, for a journey on land and sea that will bring her face to face with the resilient woman she must become, as well as the only other person who truly knows what happened that fateful day so many years ago: an audacious French-English sailor.

But when that sailor’s French ancestry finds him suddenly at odds with an English colony, the turmoil becomes life-or-death for both the seaman and the headstrong Ruth and sets the course for a spiraling of events leading to treason, murder, arson, adultery, torture, and revenge. Throw into the mix: troublesome pirates, Indian warriors, relentless militiamen, warring opponents, postulated witchcraft, religious contention, bawdy highwaymen, swashbuckling swordfights—along with a healthy dose of wry, dark humor—and you have the makings of an epic tale that breathes life into an oft-overlooked time of chaos and excitement in our nation’s history.   … And, of course, every story is a love story

Complete with four hand-drawn maps, a French-translation glossary, and a Pequot Indian-translation glossary, Sirens Call the Sailors is a full-length, action-packed, historical-fiction novel that follows one woman’s journey of survival and independence in a time when the wilderness was still wild, witchcraft was a hanging offense, and being an independent woman was worse than scorned; it was a death sentence.

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[1] Dr. Michael Litos, physicist