An Alien Here reviewed by Kevin M. Hibshman

Renowned small press poet and publisher, Kevin M. Hibshman, creator of the multimedia litzine Fearless, reviewed An Alien Here:

Although this delightful book, the first in a series of “pocket chaps” from [ ... ] Propaganda Press, is titled An Alien Here, it is anything but alienating. It is wonderfully human. It is also wise, compassionate, without ever becoming sentimental, and infused with a modern toughness brought about through experience, both painful and joyous. Leah's writing is often daring and expansive (check out the long poem “1926”) without losing focus or impact. She has a playful way with words that enhances her work and draws the reader in. The title of one poem, “my memories don't fade because i keep breathing life into them,” sums up her approach here perfectly. Highly recommended reading.