Denver Book Examiner reviewed Some Misplaced Joan of Arc

Zack Kopp, Denver Book Examiner at the Examiner, reviewed Some Misplaced Joan of Arc:

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Her bio at Joan of Arc’s rear states that Leah is “a stubborn writer who obsesses over every word so long that you are lucky you are holding this book in your hands.” Accordingly, Angstman’s lines are sharp and sweet. The first piece, about movie star Edward Norton unexpectedly arriving at Bukowski [Tavern] one night when she 
happened to be wearing
under terrible coincidence 
her Incredible Hulk T-shirt, making her look 
like a geeky comic book fancore nerd 
is streetwise and tender at once in its display of concealed vulnerability. Other standouts are “seventy something percent of women have mismatched breasts,” “no place like home for the holidays,” and “the day i lived at the airport,” a soulful elegy to the timeless half-world available everywhere between flights.
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