Guest Editor for Durable Goods number forty-two

Leah sat in the coveted Guest Editor position for issue number forty-two of Durable Goods, usually edited by the spritely and marvelous Aleathia Drehmer.  The issue featured poets Jeff Fleming, David S. Pointer, and Leah, herself (poem included: “The nature of her time”), and it will be available soon on Izla, the indie zine library archive.  In a post about the issue, Aleathia Drehmer said:

Leah Angstman is the editor and publisher of Alternating Current/Propaganda Press and is one of the hardest working women in the small press. She is a dynamo and powerhouse and any other superhero word you can possibly think of. Leah has been a long time supporter of Durable Goods and has been on the collaborative distribution team since I started it up. She is an inspiration to me on a near daily basis. Her enthusiasm for the arts is infectious and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am very happy to have had her take the helm for an issue of DG. I knew it was in good hands.