Leah named Outstanding Figure in the Zine Industry

J. Rassoul of the print magazine The J Man Times named Leah as one of five people to watch in his Outstanding Figures in the Zine Industry column of issue number thirteen.

Doubtless the nicest and most dedicated of all the auto-publicatons is this talented young woman from mid-Michigan. In addition to her Revolution Calling zine (of which a “Best Of Issues 1-10” is now available — highly recommended by The J Man, a sterling compilation of political commentary, poetry, short fiction, comics, general information, and personal revelation ... $4), Leah has recently released her own volume of beautiful poetry, modestly titled Poem Poorly Written ... The J Man is not sure of the price, but you ought to send at least $2. And the energetic Leah has a score of other projects — catalogs, fiction anthologies, etc. ... all of the highest quality. Send this giantess $5 or $10 and ask for a sampling of her works.

Please note that since this review was printed, the stated issue of Revolution Calling and the poetry chapbook Poem Poorly Written have gone out of print.