mentioned by Jason Fisk in nibble interview

Jason Fisk mentioned Leah in his Eight Questions interview on nibble, giving Leah the title of favorite poet in the small press and favorite poetry zine editor.  Not bad.

nibble: Who is your favorite small press poet?  
FISK: Ah man, this is a tough one. I honestly can’t list just one, so I’m taking artistic liberties with the question and changing it to “Who are some of your favorite small press poets?” Ahh, these would have to be Justin Hyde, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, and I’ve recently enjoyed Leah Angstman’s work.
nibble: Name one small press poetry mag, other than nibble, that everyone should read?  
FISK: Again, I am amazed at what Leah Angstman is doing over at Alternating Current with Propaganda Press and her Poiesis litzine. Packed with great stuff…