No One Gains Weight in the Shoulders reviewed on Nightwaves

Nightwaves reviewed No One Gains Weight in the Shoulders:

Leah Angstman should be given a medal for all her hard work. As the head honcho at Propaganda Press, she has worked tirelessly championing the works of countless very talented writers. As a poet herself, her work is captivating and honest. As I read poems like “a bronchitis story, wherein Leah tells her audience about her dealing with that affliction at a very early age, I was vividly taken back to that time myself. Her imagining that she had super powers was something that I (and I'm sure many people) could relate with right away. Her take on “airports is also fascinating and funny: 
are the ultimate local television show
the cartoon people not realizing
they are on the screen [ ... ]
Indeed, like many great poets, Angstman finds inspiration in everyday people and places, from “the bored wife,” to a girl named “lizz,” to a wonderful peek at a bar in Boston called “bukowski tavern cambridge massachusetts spring of two-thousand-eight.” I thoroughly enjoyed her portraits of such places and people. Her style is real, vivid, and beautifully true.