No One Gains Weight in the Shoulders reviewed on What to Wear During an Orange Alert?

No One Gains Weight in the Shoulders was reviewed in The Orange Spotlight on What to Wear During an Orange Alert?:

What we need as a nation is someone who is willing to shout, to push, question and demand, even if it is in a subtle way. In her latest collection, Leah Angstman does just enough to show what I would call creative courage. She tempers her anger with images from her life, tiny observations as she travels through the country and around her neighborhood. When seen in this light it blends together, her political rants and her views on the lives around her. Many of the pieces in this collection take place in the Spring of 2008, and she sets a scene an anxious hopefulness which almost seems foreign this Spring. She alludes to a sense of impending danger, but still remains somewhat conscious of the message of hope and change. 

She really sums up the emotion of a nation in this line,  
we are pretty fragile now
clumsy eggshells weakened by
the season's cold
but weakened more by the
future's humidity perching us as sloths
so high up in a tree we cannot
possibly know what policies
matter down there on the ground   (“the eager spring of politicking”) 
Throughout the collection Leah balances that sort of biting commentary with subtle and striking observations on life in general. 
Aside from the content, I really like the size of this collection, pocket-size, it seems convenient and compelling. I'm not sure why, but I had always preferred the portability of this size book. Regardless of your motivation, you should check out the latest from Leah Angstman and all of the books from Propaganda Press.