published in Revolution Calling compilation

The poems “i am gone,” “for lennon,” “his black box,” and “theb”; the articles/editorials “MTV Sucks Now,” “Gymnasts in Peril,” “A Message to the Friendly Peoples at Copymax,” “Going ... Going ... SOLD,” “Ska,” “We Need Help Finding This Lady,” “Local Pictures,” “Skateboarding is Not a Crime,” “Save the LP,” “Go for the Diet,” “Girls Get Some,” “What is Wrong with Our Mail System?,” “Why We Have Road Rage,” “Charter Schooling: Bad Idea,” and “A Fight For The Kids”; the story “Eulogy”; the music review “Editor's Pick: Hole, Live Through This”; and the artwork Nazism Sucks, portrait of Jessica Rose Ketchum, portrait of Paul McCartney, Huckleberry Finn, and portrait of John Lennon were all published in  the Revolution Calling compilation of issues numbered one through ten.