quoted on Julian Gallo website

Author Julian Gallo used Leah's words to describe his book, A Symphony of Olives, on his website:

A journey of finding one's self, jumping the hurdles and learning the path; the setting is left mostly to the reader's imagination, while the descriptions delight and intrigue. Poems about love, dissecting ethnic backgrounds and cultures passed down through the centuries; trying to come up with ideas and inspiration for writing and life, even through the rains and the mundane mendacity of everyday living; an anatomizing of the self, the assertion, the dichotomy of being, developing the ability to know your own next move, to put the puzzle together, even if it reveals nothing. The words are searching, questioning, sometimes answering (but only subtly), and introspective — revealing the small bits of madness that make us who we are and make the author pen these words. 
—Leah Angstman