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Leah's review of Jeff Fleming's Falling Up was quoted on nibble:

The folks over at Open a Real Book Reviews offered up their professional opinion on Jeff Fleming’s Falling Up. [ ... ]
“Jeff’s work subtly eats you. Nothing shouts abruptly here, but in the quietest way, Fleming gets under your skin to make you want to grab someone you love and not let go, as you figure out all the intricacies of being, tumbling through it, awkward and strange.
Fleming’s poems are very narrative, telling more than showing, lots of good similes, not too experimental, just very crisp and point-driven. And he knows how to give you an ending line.
You don’t know much about the characters, yet you feel you know them well or have seen them in the mirrors of lobbies and purse compacts or in the sordid affairs of neighbors and estranged lovers.” 
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