Single Ply and Soaked Through reviewed in Heeltap

Single Ply and Soaked Through was reviewed by author and editor Richard D. Houff for Small Press Review, but did not make it to print before SPR editor Len Fulton's unfortunate passing. The review was instead printed in the Heeltap Book Reviews Supplement number fifteen:

Here we have another excellent example of fine poems, each one, a panel falling into the next panel: poem for poem they belong to each other. It’s rare when I find a book that flows thematic without changing course.  
In this outing, we journey both coasts without forgetting all those little stopovers in between. All the elements are here, and we feel them right up to the end poem—which is the strongest piece in this collection: “Sometimes Gwen Stacy just has to die.” This book goes to the winner’s circle!