Single Ply and Soaked Through reviewed on nibble

Jeff Fleming, author and editor of nibble, reviewed Single Ply and Soaked Through on his nibble blog:

New poems from Captain America 
We were thrilled to finally get our hands on the latest book of poetry from Leah Angstman, Single Ply and Soaked Through. After reading the book straight through the moment it fell from the package, we flipped back and forth rereading our favorites and only looked away long enough to jot down a few short notes. These notes turned into a review of sorts which we tidied up and now present to you. 
The first thing that strikes the reader, and Angstman’s poetry often strikes, is the economy of language. She never wastes a word, nor does she use even a single unnecessary syllable. This is evidenced throughout her poetry, and particularly in these lines from “found your eye”: 
crouched on the
toilet looking at
my bare toes i
see your eye  
Angstman also has the skill, and the penchant, for crafting poetry that covers unexpected topics and utilizes unexpected words and phrases, as this from “after the blizzard”: 
thin mustache penciled on
a snowburned face
catches a web of snot
holding it there 
We love that she has no use (or need) for capital letters or any sort of punctuation. It simply isn’t necessary. There is a stark cleanliness to the layout of her poems on the page that is mirrored in their brilliant content. Like a cloudless frozen winter day, these poems reveal everything in stark beauty, as in these lines from “sometimes gwen stacy just has to die”: 
the story goes something like  
a young girl gets raped by her uncle 
Angstman is ever brilliant. We’ve never read a book of hers that wasn’t worth ten times the cover price, with each poem shooting dead into the bullseye. Single Ply and Soaked Through exhibits her vast talent at its most polished yet. We strongly recommend it to anyone who loves power-packed poetry that is primed to detonate.