Some Misplaced Joan of Arc reviewed on Indie Book Man

Author Marc Beaudin reviewed Some Misplaced Joan of Arc on Indie Book Man:

From the stack of books that I pulled from a large envelope, this one struck me instantly: the cover art, a painting by the author titled “Summer Dream,” is easily worth the price of the book. And then I happily discover, on page after page, that the poems contained within are worthy companions to the beauty of the cover. 
One gets the sense that Angstman is comfortable living among words and images, as if she's playing with old friends within these pages, frolicking and reveling, even when their games turn gravely serious. There is a clever whimsy in these poems, house plants named “Spruce Springsteen” and “Elvis Parsley” that sets us up for painful surprises (these plants, now dead, likened to a stillborn baby).  
As a whole, Some Misplaced Joan of Arc, is an endearing catalogue of the dreams and desires, pains and passions of a poet who has found her voice.

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