Some Misplaced Joan of Arc reviewed in ZYX

Some Misplaced Joan of Arc was reviewed by author and editor Arnold Skemer in issue fifty-two of the print litzine ZYX:

In this collection, Angstman delves into domestic concerns such as cat shit and the litter box, mismatched breasts and the consequent inconsistencies inherent in housing them securely in mass-produced bras.  Indeed, it even goes to grabbing some undies out of the hamper 
    as a trail of goo
    webs itself between
    my knuckles 
She fingers “the sticky goo string” and then realizes what it must be and, in a romantic embrace, wipes her palm in circling motions on her partner's back, depositing the goo on his shirt.  How romantic!  This is the underside of domestic existence, our body emanations, our smells, the human as chemical laboratory.  Not enough is ever said about this, like the wise old saying: “There are two kinds of people in this world, the people who fart and the people who lie about it.”  Angstman doesn't lie about it.  She speaks of daily frustrations in poems such as “the day i lived at the airport,” a long chronicle of being stranded at one on standby.  There is also: “peeing in the bath.”  Thus does Angstman delve into the daily disgusts of living [and] swimming in the biochemical flow [ ... ]