Some Misplaced Joan of Arc reviewed in Beatlick News

Some Misplaced Joan of Arc was reviewed in Beatlick News: A Poetry & Arts Newsletter volume three, issue five, fall two-thousand-ten, ISSN number one zero seven four—two zero zero X.  The editor, Joe Speer, has since entered immortality, and his presence in the small press will remain forever immortal, indeed.  Beatlick Joe, you are missed.  The issue will be available soon on Izla, the indie zine library archive.

While I carried this 65-page chapbook in my to-read bag, the poet Leah moved from Cambridge, MA, to Palo Alto, CA.  This Joan finds her place in this collection of big league, bare knuckle poems.  She has a long poem called “the day i lived at the airport” that describes an interminable wait for departure.  She writes: 
blinking digital screens
all taunting the canceled flights 
There are excruciating clock ticks and mass tension implodes.  She finally makes her flight and the thrustful emotion is released. 
lullaby of the engine
roars a quiet tune
the headphones
do the rest 
These are well-crafted poems of unpredictable stubbornness. [ ... ]