Some Misplaced Joan of Arc reviewed on Nightwaves

Nightwaves reviewed Some Misplaced Joan of Arc:

I am always pleased to receive the latest work by Leah Angstman. She is a poet par excellence, and her pen captures everyday people and places with a striking clarity. Indeed, there are many poems about cats, bars, airports, and everyday debris. Most of the poems are very strongly constructed and show the eye of a true observer. I loved “america's tv graveyard.” It perfectly captures the throwaway mentality of our society, and how permanence is a rare commodity these days. “stealing some time” is another excellent reflection on the modern citizen, and how we all are alone and yet at the same time, we bear a certain sense of uneasiness and tension. In a sense, we are all being stalked, if not by a physical presence, an imagined one. This is truly the work of a very gifted writer.