Temperance in Moderation reviewed on Nightwaves

Nightwaves reviewed Temperance in Moderation (although I think he focused on the theme too much and maybe missed the words?):

Temperance in Moderation - 2002 
This is a collection of poetry by Leah Angstman (is that her real name? ... sounds like a pen name if I ever heard one!). From what I can tell, every poem in this book is dedicated to Andrew [ ... ], whom I'm assuming is very special to Leah. In fact, after a while this sort of became a bit too obsessive for my tastes. Poem after poem dedicated to the greatness of Andrew. I'm sure Andrew is a swell guy, but come on, this sounds like the gushing of a 14-year old with a severe crush. Don't get me wrong, this poetry is far from stupid, in fact Leah does show an able pen, but the subject matter is just too one-sided. I mean, there's one poem called “andrew is everything”!!! On one hand, I do hope that Leah and Andrew get married someday, they have kids, and spend the rest of their lives happy. But I also think it is very possible that this young lady will one day regret the fact that she ever wrote this zine. I get rather leery whenever I see anyone being put on a pedestal.