Xerography Debt reviewed Some Misplaced Joan of Arc

Anne from Xerography Debt reviewed Some Misplaced Joan of Arc:

I have a love-hate relationship with poetry zines; if they're done well, I love them. For me this means not only reading well-written poetry, but also that the chapbook or zine in question has crisp composition, where the layout doesn't overshadow the writing. [This chapbook is] published by Propaganda Press, which is “the not-for-profit small press portion of the Alternating Current Arts Co-op that works hard to make sure writers have an outlet for inexpensive publishing and distributing.” (Awesome, no?) They're pretty objects; full-color covers, clean layouts, and I've never seen something come through Alternating Current that didn't have these same high production values. [ ... ] Some Misplaced Joan of Arc is all Leah Angstman's work. I found [it] compelling, [and] I tend to go for single-author chapbooks a little more [than various-author chapbooks]. Angstman's work never disappoints me; her language is vivid —always— and crisp, whether she's outlining extended airport delays with 
standby passes
turning to dust
in our pockets 
or pride literally going before a fall in “bangs are that on which the world hangs.” [It's] worth checking out if you like poetry chapbooks.