Mentioned in the Toledo Free Press

The Toledo Free Press featured an article about the Zyfez event at which Leah read on July eighth, two thousand twelve.  Leah was mentioned in the John Dorsey-penned article:

Things will start in Oakland, Calif., from July 5-8, at the New Parish, located at 579 18th St. (at San Pablo).  Scheduled readers include Lynn Alexander, Leah Angstman, Iris Berry, MK Chavez, Paul Corman-Roberts, Cathleen Daly, Brian Fugett, Bill Gainer, Jesus Angel Garcia, Debbie Kirk, Frankie Metro, Tim Murray, Jason Neese, A. Razor, Frank Reardon, Luis Rivas, David Smith, John Swain, William Taylor, Jr., Lindsey Thomas, Three Times Bad, Zarina Zabrisky, and Misti Rainwater-Lites.  There will also be an open mic."