New chapbook published by
The Camel Saloon's Books on Blog

Leah is excited to announce that she’s had an eChapbook, The Men of Autumn, Women of the Fallpublished online as installment #42 of The Camel Saloon’s Books On Blog™ series. The eChapbook features the poems “I am obsessed with Civil War reenactments,” “Oh, how we all need your water now, Aleksey,” “All the king’s horses,” “Innocence faces a new Challenger,” “To Leland Stanford Junior’s horse,” “The only stone you’ll find out there will be your tombstone,” “What kind of times are these, Adrienne Rich?”, “Her hands were strands of baroque pearls,” “If Sydney Carton hadn’t gone to the guillotine,” “The absurdity of April Fool’s,” “But what if Sally Hemings actually loved him,” and “Of all the Arthurs, you were king.” Please take a moment to check it out, read Leah’s poems, enjoy the pretty aesthetic, and oooh and ahhh at the amount of awesome work done by wonderful, talented, and oh-so-friendly editor, Russell Streur.