Some blurbs about
The Men of Autumn, Women of the Fall

Leah’s eChapbook, The Men of Autumn, Women of the Fall, has had some nice things said about it.  Here are a couple mentions from the past month:

Leah’s been a consistent force in the independent press for two decades, by both creating spaces for the written word and contributing her own. Her poetry spans diverse terrain, recently settling in the realm of the reflectively historical as Leah’s work unearths moments and figures from our past in a unique, modern light.
                    —Lynn Alexander, editor/publisher at Full Of Crow Press
and author of Flesh Made Widow and Prologue to Mariamne.

Leah Angstman’s poetry is part enthralling daydream, part history lesson. Digging into the past —her past and our collective past— we relive our struggles and our battles through her words. Angstman wades in, fighting at our side, and every battle is a victory, even the ones we lose.
                    —Jeff Fleming, editor/publisher of nibble
and author of The Bones of Saints Under Glass and Shades of Green.

Earlier this month, [I] also had the opportunity to meet with Leah Angstman, the redoubtable operator of Alternating Current. Many of you know her, and some have been published by her. One digital thing led to another, as the story goes, including a Starbucks, the guillotine, and, among others: Arthur, Sally, and the April Fool. All are joined together by Leah in a special Book on Blog™, The Men of Autumn, Women of the Fall, found here. Enjoy the tales, and keep an eye out for the horses. They’re out there somewhere.
                    —Russell Streur, editor/publisher/barkeep at The Camel Saloon.