Blurb published on Tumblr

Leah’s blurb for author Hosho McCreesh’s forthcoming book, A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst, was published on both Hosho McCreesh’s Tumblr page and the book’s Tumblr page. The book is fantastic, as all of McCreesh’s work is, and Leah’s glad to be a part of its promotion!

The poems in A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst are fast and loose, boisterous and fanciful, light, buoyant, humorous, yet strong — stream of consciousness, yet paradoxically well placed with careful precision and years of practice. In other words, McCreesh is complex — drunkenly, humorously, darkly complex. There is vulgarity, angst, failed drunken-barroom logic, rowdy college-level backroom humor smoothed over with a sensibility that seems otherworldly in its humble juxtaposition. If you’re a fan of McCreesh, this is different, but I urge you to try it all the same. There isn’t a rigid, brooding madness at the world here, but a lighthearted jabbing at the self, a nod to the futility of it all, an acknowledgment of the complexities that exist in the unflappable human spirit just as in the bottom of a mug of beer at your first rodeo or a bottle of white wine in the garage ... or was that your mom’s homemade vinegar jar full of floating vegetables and dill seeds? McCreesh may not have a clue what he’s actually drinking, but he’s clearly mastered how to tell you about it.