Published in ZYX  Issue #64

Leah had four pieces, “Bartender,” “Airing your laundry,” “Found your eye,” and “After the blizzard,” published in the latest issue, #64, of the print zine, ZYX. The zine is old-school style, cut ‘n’ paste, and photocopied by editor Arnold Skemer, who’s been doing this for a heck of a long time. Other great poets in the issue are indie press staples: B. Z. Niditch, Doug Draime, Nathan Whiting, Simon Perchik, J. J. Campbell, David Chorlton, David Stone, Guy R. Beining, John Grey, Jonathan Hayes, and Sheryl L. Nelms. The issue can be purchased for one #10 46¢ SASE to ZYX, c/o Arnold Skemer, Editor, 58-09 205th St, Bayside, NY 11364. Please help support this zine to keep independent presses thriving.