Published in The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts

Leah had a triptych fiction piece, “I stand over a hero’s grave, view blocked,” published in The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, on Matter Press. The journal focuses on “compressed arts” and what compression means to the writer, preferring stripped-down pieces that say the barest of what need be said in order to tell a story. The idea of the triptych, a genre for which this journal asked specifically, was to give a compressed creative nonfiction or fiction story of fewer than 300 words, and then, surround it on both sides with little pop-up snippets that pertain to both the story and to whatever was going on in the author’s head when the story was written. It’s an intimate look behind the scenes of a story, and the result is very personal, yet accessible. You can read the piece in its entirety for free online here, or go directly to the largest view here. Click on the “DECOMPRESS” button to read her commentary.