Published in Remaking Moby Dick

Leah was included in the massive interactive and cross-genre art project, Remaking Moby Dick, compiled by Pea River Journal and sponsored by the EU Art Line funding for the Baltic Programme, and she contributed a chapter to the entire reworking and modernizing of the beloved Melville classic. Leah’s piece, “Chapter 71: Wherein Pequod encounters the Jeroboam,” was written in epic metered verse and is one of the longest, hardest, and best pieces of metered verse Leah has ever accomplished. To support the project, please consider purchasing a copy of the incredible, full-color paperback version available here.  Funding for the project requires a free version to be available, as well, so if you are not able to purchase a copy to support this amazing project, you can find the entire book online for free here; you can go directly to Leah’s epic poem on page 131 here; or you can read the whole thing in the embedded viewer below.