Published in Metonym Vol. 4

Leah had three poems, “Inside the convenience store,” “Journey to America,” and “In the ground at Karisoke,” published in Volume 4 of Metonym, the literary journal of William Jessup University in California. Leah’s poems—one about sheltered drone lives working for the hive, one about the juxtapositions of early Colonial experiences compared to the “inconveniences” of the digital age, and the last about Dian Fossey, the primate expert murdered in a still-unsolved case in Rwanda—are accompanied on these full-colored pages by tons of poetry, fiction, photographs, and artwork, including work by Matthew Carlin. The journal can be purchased in print paperback for $7.99 by contacting the Metonym staff via their website contact form here or by emailing: metonym [at] jessup [dot] edu.