in the Pen 2 Paper Writing Competition

Leah was a placed finalist in the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities Pen 2 Paper Writing Competition in both the Poetry and the Fiction categories. The award focuses on writing about disabilities (but you don’t have to be a Texan, luckily). Leah’s fiction piece, “Every time it snows,” is about the PTSD and physical disabilities of soldiers after the Civil War, showcasing how war trauma is as old as war itself. That piece is not available to read online. Her finalist poem, “To be happy,” however, is available to read for free online at the awards announcement page. This poem is about the writer Anne Sexton and her then-undiagnosed bipolar disorder that led to her endless struggle for happiness and balance, finally culminating in a devastating suicide that rocked the literary world and changed the way bipolar disorder was treated forever. You can read the announcement and other winners HERE, or go directly to a PDF of Leah’s poem HERE.