Leah currently has one historical novel and one collection of poetry under consideration.

Her debut novel, Dead Run through the Devil’s Belt, is a look at 1689 Connecticut Colony during King William’s War between French and English settlers, from the viewpoint of a young couple—one French and one English—torn apart by warring sides, adultery, and a cast of Quakers, Pequot Indians, and highwaymen. The novel is represented by Elizabeth Copps at Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc.

The collection of poetry, Reverse Migration: not coming home, examines Leah’s life growing up in an 1840s rural Michigan farmhouse, how that shaped her, the makings of a region, and what it means to be Midwestern. This collection was a finalist for the Able Muse Book Award and the Cowles Poetry Book Prize and is currently being shopped to publishers.

If you are a representative, editor, or press interested in taking a look at Leah’s work, please email her. She is currently completing her fourth novel, her second book of poetry, and a hybrid biography-in-verse.