Leah is currently shopping two historical novels and one collection of poetry.

The first novel, Dead Run through the Devil’s Belt, is a look at 1689 Connecticut Colony during King William’s War between French and English settlers, from the viewpoint of a young couple, one French and one English, torn apart by warring sides, adultery, and unwed pregnancy, and thrown in with a cast of Quakers, Pequot Indians, and highwaymen.

The second novel, Falcon in the Dive, is a look at the French Revolution through the eyes of a disabled Parisian orphan intent on bringing down the aristocracy, until she befriends a nobleman who thinks the same as she, and together they rescue targeted French prisoners when the factions change and a new, worse common enemy arises.

The collection of poetry, The Sighs of Women Becoming: 47 dead women who lived, is a collection touching on the lives and personalities of 47 women who died strange, lonely deaths before their time, either by their own hands, or under mysterious, questionable, or harrowing circumstances.

If you are a representative interested in taking a look at Leah’s work, please email {at} She is currently finishing her third novel and two collections of poetry.